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Upgrading Your Forex VPS - FAQ

In this guide we will cover frequently asked questions related to upgrading your forex VPS service.

Q: Is it possible to upgrade my VPS without losing any data?

A: Yes - a restart of your VPS is required to complete the upgrade. All data, login credentials, etc will remain the same.

Q: Will my MQL software activations be affected by upgrading my VPS?

A: No - any software purchased from MQL will remain activated if you upgrade your VPS.

Q: Can we perform the upgrade of my VPS during a weekend?

A: Yes - we can perform the upgrade steps during the weekend while the markets are closed. This way the upgrade will not affect your trading.

Ready to proceed with your upgrade? Open a support ticket from inside of the customer portal, or email support@newyorkcityservers.com and we will be happy to assist you.