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Troubleshooting Slow VPS Performance

First, we're sorry to hear that you are experiencing slow performance with your service. We can assure you that slow performance is not normal, and we are happy to assist you with troubleshooting until all issues are resolved.

We recommend following the steps below to troubleshoot the VPS:

Step 1 - View CPU/RAM usage (guide: http://knowledgebase.newyorkcityservers.com/forex-vpsdedicated-server/checking-vps-cpuram-usage/ ) 

If you see that the CPU or RAM usage is at or near 100% used this means that your VPS is running out of computer power, which in turn will result in slow performance or lag. In this case your best option will be to upgrade your VPS to add more power, or you can try running fewer software to see if that reduces the computing load. 

Step 2 - For clients who have the standard & professional VPS plans. Follow the optimization guide, which can be found here - http://knowledgebase.newyorkcityservers.com/forex-vpsdedicated-server/optimize-mt4-for-multi-core-vps-plans/

Due to the way the MetaTrader software is built, some clients who are using multi-core plans will need to follow the steps in the guide above to optimize performance. Once you have followed the guide please allow 2-3 minutes for the VPS to catch up, and then re-evaluate performance. 

If you continue to experience any further performance issues after following the steps above, please do not hestiate to contact us. Our support team is readily available to assist you with making sure your performance issue is fixed.

You can contact us by emailing support@newyorkcityservers.com, opening a support ticket, or visiting our live chat.