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How To Get A Free VPS From Pepperstone

All Pepperstone traders who trade 15 lots or more per month are eligable for a free basic VPS plan from NewYorkCityServers. 

  1. Submit your application for a free VPS here - https://newyorkcityservers.com/pepperstone#apply
  2. After your application has been submitted it is sent directly to Pepperstone for their review.
  3. Once Pepperstone confirms your application we will setup your free forex VPS and email you the login details. The process usually takes 24-48 business hours. 

Below you can find a video guide on how to complete the process:

If you have any questions or need further assistance with connecting to your forex VPS please do not hesitate to contact us by opening a support ticket from inside of the customer area or emailing support@newyorkcityservers.com