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Configuring The Liberty Application

Liberty is a pre-installed application on your VPS that has the ability to automatically log into your VPS and start your software anytime your VPS is restarted, even if you are aware from the computer.

Step 1) Enable auto login

Enabling auto login means that anytime your VPS is restarted it will automatically sign itself into Windows, even if you are not actively using the VPS. This will be required to automatically start your trading software anytime your VPS is restarted.

Enter the administrator password for your VPS and click the "enable auto login" button.

Step 2) Auto Startup

Inside of the auto startup tab we will select which MT4s, MT5s, or other software we want to automatically start when the VPS is booted. Additionally Liberty will automatically monitor any software that you select to make sure that it is always running. For example if an MT4 crashes randomly Liberty will start it back up again, even if you are away from the computer.

First, click the add new button inside of the Liberty program. A new window will then popup where you can select the programs that you wish to start. To add a MetaTrader program to auto start you can simply click the desktop icon in the side menu, select the MetaTrader (in this case we are selecting Pepperstone), and then click open. After completing these steps you will then see the Pepperstone MetaTrader under the auto startup menu. Repeat this process until you have added all trading software that you wish to have added to auto startup.

Step 3) Alerts

Liberty also has the ability to send email alerts. Simply navigate to the alerts tab, enter the email address, and select which alerts you would like to receive.

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Updated on: 12/12/2023

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