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Cancelling Your Service

Client's can cancel their service at anytime from inside of the customer portal. 

Step 1: Log into your customer portal, click services, and then click on the specific service that you would like to cancel.

Step 2: In the left side menu under "actions" you will see an option that says "request cancellation"


Step 3: On the "Account Cancellation Request" page enter your reason for cancelling the service, select the type of cancellation, and then submit the cancellation request. 

Cancellation Type:

  • Immediate - Your cancellation will go into effect immediately. This means that as soon as your cancellation request is submitted your service will immediately be taken offline and cancelled. Select this option if you are no longer using the service at all. 
  • End of Billing Period - This type of cancellation will leave your service online until your next due date. On the day of your next due date your service will be taken offline and cancelled. Select this option if you are still using the service and need access to it until your next due date. 


Once your cancellation is submitted we will stop billing, and your service will end according to your cancellation type.

If you have any questions please contact us by opening a support ticket inside of the customer portal or emailing support@newyorkcityservers.com

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