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Broker Sponsored VPS - FAQ

Below you can find commonly asked questions regarding broker sponsored VPS services:

Q: Will my VPS always remain free?

A: Many brokers have trading volume requirments to keep the VPS active. For example; if you trade 5 lots per months with your broker, then they will sponsor the VPS for you. In this case as long as you meet your brokers requirments then the VPS will remain free.

Q: Can I upgrade my broker sponsored VPS service?

A: Yes, there are two options: 1) You may contact your broker and request an upgrade of your VPS. 2) You may pay for the cost difference to upgrade your VPS to the next plan.

Q: Can I have multiple sponsored VPSs from different brokers?

A: Yes - we do not limit the number of sponsored VPSs you may have.

Q: I don't see my broker on your partnered brokers list. Can I still have a free VPS?

A: Please contact us, and we will be happy to reach out to your broker and work out a partnership.