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Automatic Billing

By default automatic billing is enabled for all accounts. This means that on the due date of your invoice our system will automatically attempt to charge your PayPal or credit card. If the automatic payment fails we will send you a warning email, and provide you with a 3 day grace period to pay the invoice. Additionally once per day during the 3 day grace period our system will attempt to charge you again.

Even though automatic billing is enabled for your account our system will still send you invoice notification emails:

14 days before service renewal - our system will automatically create an invoice under your account to renew your service, and send you an email notification.

7 days before invoice due date - our system will send you an email notification alerting you that there is an open invoice under your account. 

These email notification do not require any action by you, as long as you have auto payment enabled for your account. 

If you have any questions please contact us by opening a support ticket inside of the customer portal, or emailing suport@newyorkcityservers.com